Sex With the Sun meditation

With Suzannah Weiss, sex/love coach

You do not need anyone else

Let the sun take you on an orgasmic journey. In this 15-minute audio guide, I help you drop into a deep ecstatic state where you are receiving the beams from the sun through each of your pores. Learn how to experience sensual and spiritual delight simply by expanding awareness of the warmth and light around you. Listen to this while splayed out on the beach, while lying in bed with the window cracked open... any place where you can receive light. The ability to experience erotic bliss through nature is so powerful. You do not need any other person, and you can tap into this source of pleasure at any time. I worded this recording in a manner that includes people of all genders, bodies, and sexual orientations. Get it below for just $11!

About me

I love to help people drop into their bodies and experience what it is like to live orgasmically. I am a multi-certified sex educator and board-certified sexologist, but more than that, I am a wild woman with a deep connection to nature. I hope you can tap into that energy too with this audio recording! Wanna know more? Please email me at or DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah). And if you'd like to learn more yummy practices like this, contact me about coaching!

Purchase the meditation for just $11 & listen whenever you'd like!

Warning: there is moaning, extreme sexiness, and overall juiciness in this recording! DO NOT listen unless you are prepared to be awakened sexually, sensually, and spiritually!