Consent Is Sexy: Practicing Consent at Play Parties

A guide for hosts & managers of play parties, sex clubs, adult resorts & more

Distribute this guide to your attendees to create a fun & safe experience for all!

This digestible three-page guide goes over what affirmative consent means, how to know if someone is truly consenting, how to ask someone to play, how to gracefully receive a "no," how to discuss STI status with new partners, and more! Using the embodied consent framework, this document also teaches guests how to check in with themselves and identify whether they're feeling a true "yes" or "no" in their bodies. It was adapted from a workshop I led at a play party (if you'd like me to lead a live workshop for you, get in touch here!) and can be customized depending on your specific event and needs. You can email it to guests before they attend, print it out and hand it to them as they walk in, or hang it on the walls to remind everyone how to play nice! Purchase the guide using the button below, and I'll email you it within 1-2 business days.

About me

I'm a certified sex educator, sex/love coach, and writer with degrees in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University. I have been writing and speaking about consent since 2015 and have attended dozens of play parties. If you have further questions, please email me at or DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah).

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I just ask that you don't share it with people outside your events. Thank you for respecting my consent! And if you'd like me to customize it, get in touch to let me know what you'd like me to include!