Pleasing & Empowering Women in the Bedroom: a Course for Men

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With Suzannah Weiss sex educator sex/love coach sexologist writer

Have 🔥 Sex While Empowering Women & Yourself

For millennia, relationships between men and women have been fraught with power imbalances, stereotypes, and distrust. Healing starts here, in your bedroom. Deep sexual connection and authentic pleasure can be liberating and transformative. And once a man embraces and harnesses the beauty and power of his sexuality, just being with him helps a woman do the same. By being finely attuned to someone, attending to her enthusiasm and enjoyment, and holding space for her emotions, you let her be who she is in all her colorfulness — and you also tap into the best of who you are.

Let me show you how to navigate the ins and outs of women's bodies as well as your own, how to have fulfilling encounters that are full of respect while expressing your desire in all its intensity, and how to bring a playful spirit into your bedroom that's also thoughtful and radical. This course will include discussions of consent, dating and hookups, closing the orgasm gap, body positivity, foreplay techniques, dirty talk tips, BDSM, tantra, and more, all in a supportive, caring space where you are free to express your deepest thoughts and feelings.

About me

I've been helping people have better sex for over seven years as a sex educator, coach, and writer. Over the course of this time, I've assisted men with everything from navigating consent and boundaries in the #MeToo era to learning different ways to play with a clitoris and vagina to using breathwork to control and intensify their own pleasure. I approach men's desires and stories with care, appreciation, and sensitivity and aim to help them view their sexuality without shame or judgment.

My background includes training in somatic sexology, holistic health, intersectional feminism, and psychology. Specifically, my credentials include a sex educator certificate from Everyone Deserves Sex Ed, degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Modern Culture & Media from Brown University, board certification as a sexologist from the American College of Sexologists, and certification as a sexual assault counselor through Rape Trauma Services. I am also a certified yoga instructor and am currently working toward my Masters in Sexual Health through the University of Minnesota.

Personal experience also informs my approach to sexuality and my work with men. A journey to overcome my own sexual trauma years ago took me through psychotherapy, meditation, hypnosis, plant medicine ceremonies, and more, yet I realized my most powerful healers were the guys I met on Tinder. (I wrote a poem about this experience that you can read here.) It is beautiful what happens when men and women come together with compassion, understanding, empathy, and shared subjectivity rather than hostility, assumptions, objectification, or othering. I am inspired by men and passionate about helping them see the light and benevolence in themselves and take that into their interactions with women to add more love to others' lives and the world.

The logistics

Our five-month journey consists of 10 modules related to sex, relationships, and empowerment. This is slotted for 2023 but does not have set dates yet. I'll choose the meeting days and times based on what works with everyone's schedules. We'll meet every other week, and two weeks before each meeting, I'll send you recorded lessons and meditations I've created just for this class, plus workbooks that contain sexy assignments to explore your sexuality and journaling activities that let you share your process with me. During our meetings, I'll teach you all about each topic of the week, individually coach those who are comfortable sharing their experiences, and facilitate group discussions so we can all learn from one another. I'll also bring in guest speakers to provide their unique expertise on the calls.

Signing up for this course also gets you a free one-on-one coaching call with me, which you may use at any time during the course. Plus, the first five students who sign up will get a free subscription to OMGYES, a website where you can learn about female pleasure via demos from real women & practice on virtual vulvas!

Got questions?

I'm happy to answer your questions over email. Please reach out to me at You can also DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah).


A preview of what you'll learn in 10 modules


Great sex starts with you

Men's bodies and sexualities are just as intricate and expansive as women's. Learning to be a great lover starts with exploring your own sensations and turn-ons. This module will cover anatomy, masturbation, and working with sexual energy. By learning to have amazing sex with yourself, you develop the foundation to bring just as much pleasure to a partner.


Heal your heart, heal your sexuality

Men learn a lot of toxic messages around masculinity, femininity, and sexuality throughout their lives. In this module, I will assist you in unpacking these beliefs and creating your own idea of what being a man, having sex, falling in love, and supporting women look like. I'll also guide you to look at your individual sexual past and heal from longstanding wounds to create space for a healthy sexuality to take shape.


Sex and social justice

The experience of a woman in today's society is unfortunately different from a man's, and your partners' experiences may also differ from yours for reasons related to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, parenthood, and more. This module will help you understand a variety of perspectives that women are bringing to sex and build sensitivity to various needs they may have in sex and life.


Initiating mutual & high-vibe experiences

Everyone wants to forge connections; nobody wants to be pressured or pressure anyone else. With the help of our first guest speaker, dating coach Steve Dean, I'll teach you how to initiate contact with women in a way that's uplifting for everyone, and then progress from the initial meeting to a date and/or hookup with grace and respect. Get better at reading body language and asking about consent in sexy, assertive ways that also leave ample room for a woman to pursue you back. Receive guidance on dealing with rejection.


Communication crash course

This module will give you a sense of what conversations should happen before you reach the bedroom and how to start them, from sexual health, pregnancy, and STIs to sexual desires, boundaries, and kinks. Learn non-awkward ways to get a sense of who your partner is sexually and share who you are, as well as hot and helpful things to say in bed. This call will include a Q&A with Daniel Saynt, founder of the elite NYC sex club NSFW, on how to communicate in a way that's both practical and sexy.


Foreplay (but don't call it foreplay)

One key to being a fantastic lover is drawing out anticipation and building arousal. Learn an expansive definition of foreplay that includes pre-bedroom sexting, baths, massages, and more, and come to understand how "foreplay" can actually be the main event. Dissolve any imagined sexual hierarchies in your mind that put the genitals over other body parts or certain acts above others, and creatively expand your definition of sex.


Closing the orgasm gap

Women are getting off less than men — let's change that! This module teaches you all about the clitoris and different ways to stimulate it, from oral sex to fingering to sex toys. Learn how to get a sense of what gets your partner off, as well as why some women struggle with orgasms and how to help a partner work through their own hangups.


Penises: an owner's manual

Your penis is powerful. Learn how to use this power responsibly and generously. This module will teach you how to penetrate a woman physically and energetically, how to stimulate the G-spot and cervix (with your penis, toys, or hands), how to gain greater control over your erections and orgasms, and how to increase pleasure for your partner(s) and yourself.


Sex and feelings

Learn about different relationship (and non-relationship) models, how to continuously check in to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, what to do to ensure your partner feels honored and cared for no matter what you are to each other, and how to navigate sensitive issues, such as those related to body image or past trauma, that may come up in your sex life.


Bonus tips and tricks

Sex is so much more than what we've been taught it can be. This module serves as an introduction to the worlds of BDSM, tantra, extended orgasm, orgasmic breathwork and yoga, erotic massage, and more. Tantric priestess powerhouse Nicole Ambrosia will also make an appearance on this call! We'll teach you little tips and tricks you can enjoy on your own and share with partners to add spice to your sex life so that neither you nor they ever get bored.

Here's what men who have worked with me say

“Suzannah gave me new ideas to consider when approaching women and communicating with them about sex. Since working with her, I have expanded my repertoire of conversations to have, texts to send, and more. I now have a better idea of how to test the waters to see if a woman is interested in me while also making her feel comfortable, and I feel more confident doing so. On top of that, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my own turn-ons as well.” —Mark, Wisconsin

“I am grateful to work with Suzannah. In our sessions, I have become more aware of my own relationship needs and able to ask myself the tough questions so that I quickly decide if I want to invest energy into a potential new relationship. I am not a person who shares personal information with others, but I am comfortable speaking with Suzannah and being open with her. She listens and has great suggestions. Suzannah has helped me look at relationships in a more conscious way that is more positive and helpful.” — Fletcher, Atlanta, GA

“I want to thank Suzannah for all the very thoughtful and insightful guidance she provided to my girlfriend and I over the last three months. We both found her relationship and sex counseling to be incredibly helpful, and it has definitely allowed us to build a stronger and more intimate relationship. Her insights and suggestions were very actionable and allowed us to make regular progress over the course of our sessions. We can’t thank her enough and will be referring to her reminders and notes often to keep us moving forward. This was a very worthwhile endeavor for us!” — Trevor, Nevada 


This course costs $2500. However, as a special promotion, it is currently just $2000 if you pay upfront, or you can pay in 5 installments of $500/month :) Enrollment is open until September 1, 2022.

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