Navigating hookups as a

straight cis man

With Suzannah Weiss, sex educator and sex/love coach

What do women want?

There are a lot of complaints in the world today about the actions of straight, cis men. There are also a lot of men wanting to do good. Men frequently ask me questions like "how do I initiate something with a woman while respecting her consent?", " what turns women on?", and "how do I not be one of those assholes women complain about?" This $25 hour-long Zoom class will explain the ins and outs of female pleasure, what makes a man "good in bed," how to make a woman feel comfortable even in a casual hookup, and how to navigate consent and boundaries in a playful, sexy way. This course takes place from 6-7 pm PT Weds, April 13 but will be recorded for those who can't make it then. Sign up below, and I'll send you the Zoom link!

About me

I'm a sex educator, sex/love coach, and writer with degrees in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University. I also happen to have hooked up with a number of straight, cis men myself — so you're getting my personal and professional perspective! If you have questions about this course or any of my courses, please email me at or DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah).

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