Living Life Orgasmically

get into your body open your heart unwind your mind have superlative sex

With Suzannah Weiss, sexologist, sex educator & sex/love coach

Ready to transform your relationship to your body and sexuality?

This course is about filling your life with pleasure — not just int he bedroom but outside it as well. If you struggle to orgasm or even enjoy sex, I'm here to teach you both the technicalities of sexual pleasure and how to build a foundation for great sex through sensuality, presence, and self-love. Even if you're not struggling, there is so much more available to you. Orgasm isn't just a few seconds of pleasure — your whole life can feel like one giant orgasm!

About me

I'm a certified sexologist, sex educator, sex/love coach, and writer with degrees in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University. Aaand I used to have problems with orgasms, feeling my body, and literally everything else in this course.

At age 25, I had never had an orgasm with a partner. Through lots of research and practice, I learned to - but that fulfilling sex life I assumed would come once I could just orgasm didn't. I was always fantasizing during sex. Or singularly focused on getting to that end goal. Sometimes it felt like I was just masturbating with someone else's body.

Finally, I realized I was doing things backwards - because what I was searching for was deeper than a few seconds of pelvic contractions. What I really wanted was to be present, connect, and feel. To actually live inside my body. And I realized I wouldn’t have that in the bedroom unless I had it while I was walking down the street, showering, and doing other humdrum, boring stuff.

This course is a smorgasbord of all the methods that finally helped me to relax and be in my body during sex - and, in the process, transformed me from a workaholic who lived like a disembodied robot to a sensual goddess who can actually enjoy life. OK, so I’m still working on the “sensual goddess” part, but … how about you come join me in this work? I can tell you this much: It’s fun! 

The logistics

Our five-month journey consists of 10 modules related to sex, self-care, and empowerment. It is planned for 2023. Exact dates are not set yet. I'll choose the meeting days and times based on what works with everyone's schedule. We'll meet every other week, so you'll get two weeks to complete each module, which will include recorded lessons, workbooks, and sexy assignments. The first half of the course is about laying the foundation for a delightfully sensuous, orgasmic life outside the bedroom. The second half includes tons of info on how to explore different kinds of pleasure for those with vulvas. By the end, you'll understand how to fulfill yourself sexually and feel refreshed, radiant, and electric in your daily life.

Signing up for this course also gets you some exciting bonuses:

  • A free one-on-one coaching call with me
  • A group group Q&A call with sex therapist and clitoris expert Dr. Laurie Mintz, plus a free copy of her book Becoming Cliterate
  • A free 30-day subscription to ethical porn site afterglow
  • Discounted toys from Chakrubs, Maude, and Unbound

Got questions?

I'm happy to answer your questions over email. Please reach out to me at You can also DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah).


A preview of what you'll learn in 10 modules (puns 100% intentional)



Build the foundation for an orgasmic life by slowing down, quieting your mind, and nurturing your body. Create a daily routine that nourishes you. Simplify your life.


Coming clean

Increase your capacity to feel by clearing out emotions that don't belong there. Confront areas where you're being dishonest with yourself, and let go of attachments to the past.


Body awareness

Learn practices and mindsets that increase pleasure in your body, and release any anxiety or shame keeping you in your head. Experience modalities such as breath work, orgasmic yoga, and self-massage.



Develop a slow, sensual, full-body self-pleasure practice that allows you to savor each sensation. Foster the presence to experience new levels of pleasure WITHOUT genital stimulation.



Understand the anatomy of the clitoris, the technicalities of orgasm, and what your body responds to. Explore different masturbation techniques through detailed instructions and data. Ask sex therapist and cliteracy expert Dr. Laurie Mintz all your clitoris questions!



Learn about the vagina, the G-spot, the cervix, squirting, and how to let go enough for someone or something to fully enter you.



Receive private coaching and personalized guidance on any blockages to orgasm and pleasure you're experiencing. Incorporate new techniques and tools (including discounted toys!) to target your particular issues.


Partnered sex

Empower yourself to communicate with partners, ask for what you want, and stay present during sex. Learn the method I used to go from never orgasming with a partner to orgasming in every sexual encounter.


Expansive sexuality

Venture into the worlds of full-body orgasm, touch-free orgasm, erotic hypnosis, and more! Learn how to circulate sexual energy throughout your body and let it fuel your daily life.


Coming full circle

Integrate the concepts in the previous modules to make sipping your morning tea, making eye contact with a cute stranger, and other parts of your daily life orgasmic.


This course costs $2500. However, as a special promotion, it is currently just $2000 if you pay upfront, or you can pay in 5 installments of $500/month :)

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