Autism and Sexual Assault

With Suzannah Weiss, multi-certified sex educator and certified sexual assault counselor

The epidemic, why it's happening, and how you can help

Did you know that according to some findings, 88% of autistic women and 40% of autistic men have been sexually assaulted? Autistic people have specific needs when it comes to education on sexual violence as well as support after surviving sexual trauma. This 15-minute informational presentation will helpful to anyone working with autistic people, specifically around sex education or the processing of sexual trauma. It draws from research, experiences of autistic people (including myself), and practices used by mental health and sexuality professionals to help autistic people navigate the world and overcome trauma. It also may be helpful for autistic people themselves and their loved ones to understand sexual trauma they've experienced and how to heal.

About me

I am a multi-certified sex educator, a certified sexual assault counselor, and an autistic person myself. If you have questions about this course or any of my courses, please email me at or DM me on Twitter (@suzannahweiss) or Instagram (@weisssuzannah).

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